Timeless spaces, sublime essence

Founded in 2000 by Davide Bizzi, the global real estate development company Bizzi & Partners prides itself in creating value through each project. By focusing on achieving the perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality, the company has cemented itself as one of the most prominent developers of prime properties in the world. For the past two decades, Bizzi & Partners has consistently delivered its cutting-edge vision through some of the most celebrated projects in the United States, Italy, and emerging markets around the globe.

Our development projects

Global real estate development reenvisioned

Bizzi & Partners leverages its expertise in each of the regions where it operates. From conceptualization to execution, the developer’s sole objective is to enhance the value of its assets in each of its ventures. Always tuned in to the needs of its world-class clientele, Bizzi & Partners has consistently created unique properties and exceeded the expectations of the most discerning real estate investors and end users alike.

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