Who we are

A comprehensive, leading edge development team

Bizzi & Partners’ development team is composed of professionals who combine their decades of experience in the fields of acquisitions, real estate finance, zoning, master-planning, design, construction management, sales, and marketing, to form a full-breadth real estate company. Through a continuous collaborative effort, the team of the property investment company brings unique insight and versatility to each of the development phases. Bizzi & Partners also handpicks the most prestigious and trailblazing architecture and design firms according to each project’s objectives.

Global headquarters, local expertise

Over the past two decades, Bizzi & Partners has been able to expand into new major markets by assembling teams capable of carrying out complex deals by leveraging their local expertise and establishing relationships with best-in-class consultants. This hyperlocal approach has allowed the property investment company to outperform perennial companies in each of those markets. Though the team understands the need to use local expertise in each of these markets, two common threads remain unaffected: attention to quality and a commitment to timeless design.

Bizzi & Partners currently operates globally through four executive offices:

  • Milan, Italy
  • New York City, United States
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Tallinn, Estonia